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Project Areas

The scientists of the SFB 716 investigate solutions for recent and scientifically relevant problems in following areas:

Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics

The field of application cover chemical processes, chemical engineering, medical technology as well as classical fluid mechanics in mechanical engineering. Complex technical particle-simulations of these processes require new methods, additional extensions to existing simulation approaches and the coupling of different existing simulation methods. More

Material Sciences and Mechanics

Also in mechanics and materials science computer simulations play an increasing role. Compared with electron-theoretical calculation methods, they allow the analysis of a considerably higher numbers of particles. The scientists analyse different material aspects, such as fracture, laser ablations, process simulation and determination of resistance to different materials. More

Biochemistry and Biophysics

The understanding of proteins and DNA including their structure and behavior is the basis for research works in many disciplines. For the reason of the complexity and dynamics of these systems and their interactions with surrounding solvents it is necessary to consider long time periods and many particles. In the SFB 716 methods for the study of biopolymers in complex environments and processes are used and further developed. More

Scalable Algorithms and Efficient Implementation

For the calculation of realistic particle simulations of complex systems the available parallelism has to be used optimally. Therefore methods for scaling the processing power, heterogeneous platforms and new approaches for efficient data analysis are required. More

Overview of the subprojects