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Project Area D

Scalable Algorithms and Efficient Implementation

For the calculation of realistic particle simulations of complex systems the available parallelism has to be used optimally. Therefore methods for scaling the processing power, heterogeneous platforms and new approaches for efficient data analysis are required.

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Subproject D.3
Visualization of Systems with Large Numbers of Particles
Prof. Dr. Thomas Ertl, Dr. Guido Reina

Subproject D.4
Interactive Visualization of Protein-Solvent Systems' Dynamic and Complex Properties
Prof. Dr. Thomas Ertl, Apl. Prof. Dr. Jürgen Pleiss

Subproject D.5
Aggregation and Multiscale Techniques
JProf. Dr. Daniel Weiskopf

Subproject D.8
Adaptive Grid Implementation for Parallel Continuum Mechanics Methods in Particle Simulations
Prof. Dr. Miriam Mehl

Subproject D.9
Load-balancing for scalable simulations with large particle numbers
Jun.-Prof. Dr. Dirk Pflüger, Dr. Colin W. Glass


Terminated Subprojects

Subproject D.1
Software Environment for a Scalable Simulation of Real Fluid Flow in Nanoscale Channels
Dr.-Ing. Martin Bernreuther

Subproject D.2
Flexible Many Particle Simulations on Different High Performance Computing Architectures
Prof. Dr. Michael Resch

Subproject D.6
Accelerating MD using GPUs
Jun.- Prof. Dr. Axel Arnold

Subproject D.7
Meshfree Multiscale Methods for Solids
Prof. Marc A. Schweitzer