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Project Area B

Material Sciences and Mechanics

Also in mechanics and materials science computer simulations play an increasing role. Compared with electron-theoretical calculation methods, they allow the analysis of a considerably higher numbers of particles. The scientists analyse different material aspects, such as fracture, laser ablations, process simulation and determination of resistance to different materials.

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Subproject B.2
Atomistic simulation of internal interfaces in copper matrix alloys
Prof. Dr. Siegfried Schmauder

Subproject B.5
Molecular Dynamic Simulation of Laser Ablation in Metals
PD Dr. Johannes Roth

Subproject B.6
Structure and Stability of Carbon Nanoclusters
Prof. Dr. Jörg Wrachtrup, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Maria Fyta

Subproject B.8
Coupled PIC-DSMC-Simulation of Laser Driven Ablative Gas Expansions
Prof. Dr. Claus-Dieter Munz, Prof. Dr. Stefanos Fasoulas


Terminated Subprojects

Subproject B.1
Molecular Dynamics of Large Systems with Long Range Interactions
Prof. Dr. Hans-Rainer Trebin, PD Dr. Johannes Roth

Subproject B.3
Mesoscopic Many Body Simulation of Fracture and Fractured Inhomogeneous Materials with Granular Microstructure
Prof. Dr. Rudolf Hilfer

Subproject B.4
Simulation of Fracture Phenomena in Impact Loaded Granular Solids
Prof. Dr. Peter Eberhard, Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Robert Seifried

Subproject B.7
MD-Simulations on Strengthening Caused by GP-Zones in Al-Cu Alloys
Prof. Dr. Siegfried Schmauder, Dr.-Ing. Peter Binkele