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MegaMol™ is a visualization platform for point-based data sets from molecular dynamics simulations. This software is developed by the Visualization Research Center of the University of Stuttgart (VISUS) in the project D.3 of the SFB 716.

The main feature of MegaMol™ is the interactive visualization of large, time-dependent particle data sets. Using, so called glyph-based representations data sets with up to 108 particles can be rendered interactively allowing for explorative analyses.

The architecture of MegaMol™ is highly modular. The core functions are extended by plugins, which allow for efficient experiments with new methods, like new rendering techniques or new data formats. MegaMol™ is implemented in C++. OpenGL and GLSL enable the utilization of the full power of modern graphics cards.

Current Binaries for Windows and Linux as well as manuals and more information about the code repositories are available at: