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Fig. 1: A surface trimmed with a hammer in quick succession.
Fig. 2: A constant force acting from above on a surface.
Fig. 3: Brittle plate when hitting by a ball.
Fig. 4: A pin is hitted into a steel plate.

The overall goal of the project is the development and validation of a meshfree multiscale method for the simulation of solids (esp. material failure such as crack nucleation and propagation).

The main focus of the project during this funding period is the automatic construction of problem-dependent enrichment functions via particle methods for a macroscopic partition of unity method.

These enrichment functions result from local fine scale simulations and thus resolve finer details.

This information is exploited in the macroscopic simulation via a generalized global-local approach and hence allows for the efficient combination of particle methods for the resolution of fine scale effects on a lab scale with the strong convergence properties of meshfree continuum methods on the structural scale.