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Many measurements have been done on GPUs in the first phase to find out the efficiency of porting MD simulations to GPUs:

  • CUDA Kernel startup time overhead.





  • Bucket sorts on GPU C2050 has been compared with a parallel CPU version. 9x speedup has been delivered




  • Data transfer rate over PCIe x16 between device memory (GPU) to page-locked host memory (CPU) is about 6 GB/s.




  • Moreover for  Kids Week event a billiard simulation has been developed and in its fist phase it performs 2400 MFLOPS on a single core Xeon 5560@2.8GHz for a system of 200 particles and for 1000 iterations. Figure 4 depicts the billed table with 200 balls generated using POVRAY.




  • Another example in a successful porting of simulation codes to GPU is porting an industrial neural network. This porting results in a speedup of 12x comparing to the original implementation.
Abbildung 1: CUDA kernel Overhead Zeit auf C2050 und C1060


Abbildung 2: Partikel-Sortierung auf GPU C2050.


Abbildung 3: Devicespeicher (GPU) Hostspeicher (CPU) über PCIe x16.


Abbildung 4: Ein Billardtisch mit 200 Billardkugeln.


Abbildung 5: Die Portierung von ANN auf GPU C2050 und C1060.